Commercial Goat Farming Training at Jahare.

Goat is a multi-use animal which is commonly reared for the meat. In the different parts of the world, goat is raised for the meat, milk, wool and leather. Goat is also called “the poor man’s cow”. In Nepal, the goats can be reared in different ecological zones; hence, people are adopting goat farming as an enterprise. Sheep and goat are belonging to different species, but their management is almost similar. In Nepal, almost in all parts, sheep and goats are raised. And, as all caste and ethnic people like goat meat; day-by-day, goat farming has become a popular business. For the goat farming, the meager needs of fodder and fewer requirements of feeds compared to rearing other livestock, goat farming requires low investment. Shed making can also be possible in a low cost, and easy to sell goats in the case of needs arises to farmer. So, the goat farming enterprise is in growing trend.

Characteristics of goat farming.

  • Management (fodder, feed, shed, disease and parasite control) After purchasing goats, an entrepreneur needs to manage shed construction as per the suitable to climate, nutritious feeding, treatment of diseases and vaccinations, control and timely treatment of goats from internal and external parasites.
  • Reproduction After ensuring appropriate management of doe, it becomes ready for reproduction. The mating should be ensured that parturition does not fall in the month of Ashad/Shrawan (July/August) and Poush/Magh (November/December), as it would be difficult to take care of new born kids.
  • Production and income generation After 5 months of mating, kids are produced, and income generation will be ready from selling after rearing 8-10 months

Training Program

The Training was provided to the women participants to increase the skills on various aspects of Commercial Pig farming. The training was conducted for 3 days at Bheriganga Municipality, Surkhet District, Karnali Province on 3rd Jan 2022 to 5th Jan 2022. Altogether there were 34 women participants. The chief guest was Ward Chairman of Bheriganga Municipality-1 Mr. Laxman Rana and Special guest was Mr. Baburam Kadel from Regional Office Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited during the opening ceremony of training program.

Trainer Mr. Kashiram Sharma vet technicians and Mr. Bhojraj Chapai head of Pashu Sewa Bibhag, Government of Nepal. at Bheriganga Municipality, Shurkhet facilitated the training. The training program was three days course, in which the participants were introduced to goat characteristics, high yielding goat breeds, goat care management, goat feed management, goat housing management, goat breeding management, goat insurance, goat diseases and control measures and goat marketing strategies. They also oriented farmers how farmers can make Goat farming as a profitable business.

At the end of the training, the participants expressed the training was very useful and productive for them and thank Nirdhan for organizing such program.

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