Community Based Micro Health Insurance Programme

Kamala is a brave woman.She was married off long ago.But after a few days of the marriage her
husband brought home another wife.She stayed with her husband until she had two children of her
In the village, Kamala has a small shop of her own next to the village school, using loan from
Nirdhan Utthan Bank being the member from Swotantranagar group. She is being able to buy some
land and sble to make home to leave. During group meeting of Nirdhan Utthan Bank on Jestha
2067 a new person name Dinesh Pant came and provided information regarding community based
micro health insurance.She thought that its unique and good program for the community after
getting all the information then she started to work for the success of this program.After being the
member in this program she became group representative then claim committee member and then
main committee member by each step her responsibility towards the program also increased.
During 2068 ,she started to make members by collecting premium.At that time she became the
member by paying Rs 252 each including 5 members of the her family.She is also a regular
member of this program from the period of starting.She has also received claim money of around
Rs 60000.00 from this program.Being uneducated she became the role model in the village for
providing information regarding the program, making new members, collection of premium and
claim document collection.She is also being able to make huge number of members in this
program.She became also popular with the tilte of “Sanjeevani Didi”. Last year when she became
injured and hospitalised for more than two weeks as that time she realise the love and affection
from the village when all the village member came to visit the hospital.
Nowadays,Kamala is also invited to the various programs and discussions held by the VDC as well
as the local organisations.

– I am Kamala Sapkota.I am 55 years old. I was born in Dharchok, Kaski.I get married at the age of
just 12 years with Mr Chandra Prasad Sapkota.At the age of 14 i gave birth to a son and after two
years gave a daughter. After that i move to Kohalpur to do something for the childrens future.
I became group representative and now i am chairperson of the Sanjeevani and always attend the
meeting, provide information about the Sanjeevani while having group meeting.After joining the
group being uneducated i have learn and able to write down my name.Now, these days members
came to my house to pay their premium charges only because of her true information providing
behaviour.Still now also i used to visit each individual members home for their queries, problems
and always tell them to visit hospitals for regular check ups.I always tell the members the
usefulness of the program which is base on sharing risk.I also used to tell them as the claim money
will be directly deposited into their personal account maintain at the Bank so there is no chance of
fraud.Still now also people from the village used to call in my mobile for the information regarding
the program benefits.