Skilled Development Training Program

Training on Commercial Vegetables Farming.

Vegetables are one of the nutritious foods and are considered to be protective foods since they contain high amount of vitamins and minerals. As per the general health standard, the minimum consumption requirement of the vegetables per person is 300 grams. Vegetables also supply dietary fibers (cellulose, Hemi cellulose, and lignin), which are essential for normal peristaltic action of the intestine. In Nepal, the production of vegetables is to be encouraged and expanded because the minimum requirement of vegetable intake is very low. Majority of the Nepali Farmers have small holdings and have to specialize in production with a high return from a small area. In this regards commercial vegetables farming plays a major role. Vegetable crops are efficient to generate cash even from a small plot of land in a short period of time and helps farmers reduce poverty. Nepal has the advantages of climatic condition. We can grow different winter and summer vegetables simultaneously taking advantages of altitude. Different study results revealed that the number of farmers growing different kinds of vegetables is increasing, the production and supply of vegetables in the market is also regularly increasing. There have been improvements in the access of agri-inputs in vegetable cultivation, production technologies and marketing channels to market their produce. However, the area under vegetable cultivation is very small, there has been an increase under the area of vegetable cultivation and shift from subsistence farming to commercialize is needed. The training was provided in order to educate the women on various aspects of Commercial vegetable farming.

The training program was conducted from 4th June 2019 to 6th June 2019 on ‘Commercial Vegetable Farming’ at Tikathali , Lalitpur where thirty seven members of Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd Tikathali branch office participated. The training program was organized to improve the income generation capacity of farmers through vegetable farming technology. The training program with resource persons Mr. Puskar Acharya and Mr. Basudev Subedi on farm training was highly successful as evident from the feedback of the participating members. The topics of the training program covered field preparation, nursery management, nutrient and irrigation management, pest and disease management, organic farming and post harvest management of vegetable crops.

Soap Making Training

This program offers Women a full training and the skills they need to start their own business as well as create an income for themselves and their families. In everyday life we have to we use soap to wash dishes, clean clothes, or keep our bodies clean. Soap therefore has numerous applications in our daily life. One of its great values is keeping our household a far better place to live and work. Soap production can be regarded as one area of business that is lucrative and needs only little capital to start with, and considering the easily available resources.

The skilled development program in order to empowering 17 earthquake affected women was conducted at Dakshinkali from 6th May to 9th May 2019 for four days. The program  was attended by CEO of the Nirdhan Sanstha Ms. Anju Pandey Pant and was facilitated by Ms. Sajana Nakarmi as the trainers. The CEO of Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited Mr. Janardan Dev Pant, branch manager of the Dakshinkali branch of Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited Mr. Santosh Raj Pant, among others were present in the event.

Another same type of skill development training program was also conducted for the members of Galchhi branch on 9th June to 11th June 2019 where sixty two members participated in the training. The training event was facilitated by Branch Manager of Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd , Galchhi Branch Mr. Bir Bahadur Lama and Program Officer of Nirdhan  Mr. Manish Ratna Konajo and Account Officer of Nirdhan Ms. Bina Thapa  as the trainers. In the training session, essential raw materials, proper composition of chemicals, processing methods, storing methods, packing and weighting, enterprise budgeting, and marketing were the main topics discussed. The closing ceremony was attended by Executive Officer of Nirdhan Ms. Anju Pandey  as a chief guest and Vice Chairman of Nirdhan Mr. Janardan Dev Pant. In the closing session, chief guest and representative from Galchhi VDC, Operational Officer Mr. Dan Bahadur Aidi expressed that it will be great to start a business after getting the training and briefly describe about the registration process and procedures of small scale Industries in the similar way special guest from Nirdhan Ms. Anju Pandey Executive Officer told the participants brief history about the Nirdhan and expressed her thoughts regarding the training program and promise to support and help in every possible way under her circumstance in the process to start their business. At the end of the training, participants shared that the training was very useful, productive and they committed to start small scale the soap making factory.

Achievements & Impacts

  • With the organized effort of six client members from Dakshinkali by taking two rooms on rent started to produce the round handmade soap within five month from the date of their training program. Their initial investment was around Rs 50,000.00. Now they had invested additional Rs 1,50,000.00 in this business. They supplied the finished product to the local shops in wholesale price and had planned to cover other place also.
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