Ultra Poor into Microfinance in Nepal Survey Project,Jajarkot District.

This program findings of a survey of 819 households in Jajarkot districts of Triveni Nalguad Municipality Ward no. 9,10,11,12 and 13 which start from July 2018 and end by November 2018. The data from this survey presents probably the most comprehensive dataset ever generated about the livelihoods of people living in the region. The survey was based on the following main activities:

  1. Design a baseline survey tool using PPI and Oxford Multidimensional Poverty Index indicators to ensure that those selected for group membership are the ultra-poor and to track their progress with the support from Centre for Microfinance (CMF), Jeff Ashe, Nirdhan MFI and Achyut Aryal
  2. Carry out the baseline survey at the project site with the help of field staff to be recruited.
  3. Analyze the baseline survey findings with the support from CMF and  Jeff and Achyut Aryal.
  4. Develop a monthly monitoring tool to measure progress and collect and analyze this information with the support from CMF
  5. Train and support savings groups with between 500 and 700 members at two Nirdhan branch offices.

Objective of Baseline Survey

The main purpose behind baseline survey is to collect information in Jajarkot districts of Triveni Nalguad Municipality Ward no. 9,10,11,12 and 13  for identifying ultra-poor using PPI and multi-dimensional poverty measuring tool and others. So, some of the objective of Baseline includes:  To find out the present status of people in accordance to Social, Demographic and Economic. Later on to trace the area of interest of respondents for skill training, support and job placement opportunities. 

Survey Design and method

Development of questionnaire

The baseline questionnaire was designed with a view to capturing a wide range of results. Centre for microfinance (CMF), Nepal had developed a questionnaire including the indicators from PPI and multi-dimensional poverty measuring tool and finalized it incorporating the feedback of Jeffery Ashe and the team.

Detail questionnaire form –Annex 1

Data Collection Process

For the data collection process two interviewers were hired among eleven applicants after complete process of interview and evaluation as per their qualification and experience. They were also trained to make them fully capable to take interview of households the region. The virtual data collection platform was set up and the responsible officials were oriented for field level data collection. The way in which the data was collected was through one-to-one interview and observation method. In the starting stage the data collection was done on paper base as its time consuming and costly as compare to digital so later on Smart phones were used by enumerators to record survey data and digital data collection. Data collection process was monitored and technical backstopping was provided, when needed, during the entire process of data collection period by CMF technical experts. The responses of the participants were treated with strict confidentiality.

Descriptive Analysis

This section presents some of the descriptive analysis of the final set of data collected from 5 wards of Nalgadh Municipality of Jajarkot District.

  1. Data collected by enumerators
  • Age of the respondents
  • Distribution of respondents as per their caste/ethnicity
  • Marital status of the respondents
  • Gender of Household head
  •  Distribution of respondents as per the ward number
Location Target No. Survey No. Result
Jajarkot District 700 households 819 households Achieved


The data collection process was completed on 25th November 2018.The final compiled data set consisted information of 819 households from Ward no. 9,10,11,12 and 13 of Nalgadh Municipality of Jajarkot district. The final compiled data set, codebook and questionnaire have already been forwarded to the team on 26th November 2018 and also attached along with this report.

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