Training on Soap Making (Hard and Liquid Soap) at Tikathali,Lalitpur and Chaling,Bhaktapur.

Training on Soap Making (Hard and Liquid Soap).

The program offers Women a full training and the skills they need to start their own business as well as create an income for themselves and their families. In everyday life we use soap to wash dishes, clean clothes, or keep our bodies clean. Soap therefore has numerous applications in our daily life. One of its great values is keeping our household a far better place to live and work. Soap production can be regarded as one area of business that is lucrative and needs only little capital to start with, and considering the easily available resources.

NULB organised Hard and Liquid Soap Making Training at Lalitpur,Tikathali dated 21st to 22nd June 2018 with the objective to utilize leisure time of women and make them self-employed.17 members participated in the training program.

Training was facilitated by Sapana Bhulun, Laxmi Rai and Global Peace Foundation Program Officer Sumit Sunuwar.They start the training program with the safety first used of mask and gloves during practical session and eye drops , cold water in case of emergency. In the training, essential raw materials, proper composition of chemicals, processing methods, storing methods, cutting measurements and weighting, enterprise budgeting, method to and marketing were the main topics discussed. At the end, participants expressed that the training was very effective and requested to organize such training again and again.

Similarly, training on soap making also organized at Bhaktapur, Chaling Branch NULB dated 9th to 10th July 2018 in which 18 members from different branch (Tikathali, ,Gagalfadi, and Chaling)participated in addition Waste Management through Vermicompost training also provided on the first day of training.

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