Training Program at Simara – Commercial Goat Farming Training to MFI Clients.

The Training was provided in order to train the women on various aspects of Commercial Goat farming. The training was conducted for 3 days at Bara, Simara, Jitpur Simara Sub-Metropolitian City-2, Bara District , Province 2 on 23rd March 2022 to 25th March 2022. Altogether there were 38 women participants MFI client members. The chief guest was Mr. Ram Chandra Adhikari ward member of Simara, Jitpur Simara Sub-Metropolitian City-2 ward , Bara District .

Trainers Mrs. Manaka Khanal, Mr. Pratit Kumar Rai, Dr. Hem Chandra Jaiswal from Pasu Sewa Karyalaya Simara Sub-Metropolitian City-2 ward , Bara District facilitated the training. The training program starts with the collection of expectation of subjects that the trainee wants to learn and discussion on traditional and current method of Goat Farming. They trained participants starting with the importance of Goat farming with different aspects (economic wise, employment wise, tourism wise, and business wise), Housing System and Materials in Goat farming, Goat Breeding System, Balance Diet and Feeding Management, Care of kid goat, Prevention and Control of Goat Diseases in Nepal. Beside that they had shared some ideas about income generation and Goat Marketing System in Nepal. He also oriented farmers how farmers can make Goat farming as a profitable business. Participants were excited to learn about commercial goat farming. They appreciated the effort of Nirdhan providing the skill of Goat farming and enhancing their knowledge

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