Training on Commercial Buffalo Farming.

Buffalo farming in Nepal is a profitable business it has good potential source for generating income and employment in community. Buffalo is multi-purpose animals commercial buffalo farming in Nepal is to produce the milk, meat and skin. Demands of grass feed buffalo meat and organic dairy products increasing rapidly all over the world because of its distinctive flavor and health benefits.

For thousands of years man has raised buffalo for Milk and meat in India and Nepal, now Buffalo farming is an almost worldwide phenomenon. Buffalo milk contains more butter fat in this way price of buffalo milk is more. Buffalo is strong then cows and lest chance to surfing from daisies and easy to feed, grow and make the shelter. Base of economy of Nepal depend on agriculture there are lot of possibility in buffalo farming. Our buffalo eat green grass; high quality hay, grazing on pastures and produces milk and meats supply on market.
Buffalo farming is a best source to improve the economic status of rural farmers.  It is necessary to know about food, care, health, nutrition, pasture, breeds and farm management before starting Buffalo farming. This program offers Women a full training and the skills they need to start their own farming business.

The program was conducted at Lahan from 1st March to 3rd March 2021 for three days. The program was facilitated by Mr. Durlachanda Choudhary , Mr. Dhani Ram Pandit and Raghupati Choudhary as the trainers. The ward chairperson of Lahan Muncipality  ward no 4 Hulaki Tole  Mr Rambabu Pandit , branch manager of the Lahan branch of Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh, among others were present in the event. The topics of the training program covered Introduction, objectives sharing, expectation collection, Balance Diet and Pasture Management, Preparation of balance Diets from local available materials, Life cycle and Cattle Breeding, Production Management, Prevention and control of Disease and Parasites.

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